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February 17, 2019, 12:17:40 PM
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CSCC Reports 2005: River Wey, 5 June 2005

Malcolm, Bridget, Beth, David P, Hilary, Peter and Frank had a pleasant afternoon's paddle a few miles downriver to the centre of Guildford, with Sheila, John and Ivy joining us part way down the river, and followed by a grand barbecue chez Malcolm and Marcia - and thankfully, the forecast rain held off throughout!

14-49-PICT2337 14-50-IMGP0557 14-51-IMGP0558 14-52-PICT2338
14-53-IMGP0560 14-54-PICT2340 15-20-PICT2342 15-20-PICT2343
15-22-PICT2346 15-46-IMGP0563 15-56-IMGP0566 16-15-IMGP0569
16-21-IMGP0570 16-26-IMGP0571 16-26-IMGP0572 16-26-IMGP0573
16-28-IMGP0575 16-33-IMGP0578 16-37-IMGP0579 16-39-IMGP0582

All images © CSCC David Pearson / Peter and Hilary Lawrence

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