CSCC Reports 2005: River Wandle, 09 January 2005

With the north of England and Wales under flood water, what did we get? A rather dry river Wandle. Better that than a beheading - but slightly disappointing nonetheless. Wandle virgins were Bridget, Martin, Diane and Dan, and David P, Hilary and Peter, Chris and Richard also paddled. A pleasant afternoon's trip despite the graunchy levels. No stone-throwing yoofs for once. Interesting that, arriving at Wandsworth just after high tide on the Thames, headroom at the end of the shopping centre tunnel was alarmingly less than usual ... a point for the future.


See our first and second reports, and see here and here for maps (c/o Streetmap) of the start and finish points respectively.

01-ph-001 02-ph-002 03-dp-050 04-ph-003
05-dp-051 06-ph-004 07-cs-001 08-cs-002
09-cs-004 10-dp-054 11-dp-058 12-cs-006
13-dp-066 14-dp-068 15-cs-009 16-dp-071
17-dp-074 18-dp-079 19-dp-081 20-dp-083
21-dp-086 22-dp-088 23-dp-091 24-dp-092
25-dp-094 26-dp-095 27-dp-098 28-dp-102
29-dp-103 30-dp-106 31-dp-108 32-dp-111

All images ©2006 CSCC/David Pearson/Chris Stephens/Peter & Hilary Lawrence