CSCC Reports 2003: River Usk, 22-23 November 2003

Saturday 22nd - that magic day when England won something somewhere a long way away - meant that we started a little late, leaving the B&B in Brecon just after the final score in the rugby. We ran the classic Sennybridge to Aberbran Bridge stretch. The river was pretty low, and those of us who'd been out inspecting in the morning, were gloomy until we started - to find that it wasn't anything like as bad as it looked. This stretch of river has 3 ledge-drops on it - illustrated below. The first, just round a bend in the river, was run river right - some made it look easier than others! The second was a simple drop over the lip at this level (would be more interesting in high water). The third, a dog-leg ledge, was run over the main drop. The high water route down the right hand side wasn't navigable! In high water, the left hand route we took, could well prove lethal...

Sunday 23rd, we did the run from Talybont to Llangynidr and, for some of us, on to Crickhowell. The best stretch is the middle bit, the mile or so before and after Llangynidr Bridge. Unfortunately, there are a couple of miles of nearly flat water at the beginning and the end of the trip. Pictures here show Mill Falls - a straightforward drop down the main falls, the river left route was too low, at these levels - and "Spuhler's Folly" (aka Gliffaes), the latter arriving sooner after Llangynidr Bridge than we remembered.

I've added brief captions to each of the pictures.

01-PH-PB220047 02-DP-PB220002 03-DP-PB220007 04-PH-PB220049 05-PH-PB220050
06-DP-PB220008 07-DP-PB220009 08-DP-PB220010 09-DP-PB220011 10-DP-PB220012
11-DP-PB220013 12-DP-PB220014 13-DP-PB220015 14-PH-PB220051 15-DP-PB220020
16-DP-PB220021 17-DP-PB220024 18-PH-PB220054 19-DP-PB220026 20-PH-PB220056
21-PH-PB220055 22-DP-PB220028 23-PH-PB220057 24-PH-PB220058 25-PH-PB220059
26-DP-PB220029 27-PH-PB220060 28-DP-PB220030 29-PH-PB220061 30-DP-PB220031
31-PH-PB220062 32-DP-PB220032 33-DP-PB220033 34-DP-PB220034 35-DP-PB220035
36-DP-PB220036 37-PH-PB220063 38-DP-PB220039 39-PH-PB230065 40-PH-PB230066
41-PH-PB230067 42-DP-PB230004 43-DP-PB230005 44-DP-PB230006 45-PH-PB230070
46-PICT0001 47-PICT0004 48-PICT0006 49-PICT0007 50-PICT0008
51-PICT0010 52-PICT0012 53-PICT0013 54-PICT0015 55-PICT0017
56-PICT0018 57-PICT0021 58-PICT0022 59-PICT0023 60-PICT0024
61-PICT0025 62-PICT0026 63-PICT0028 64-PICT0029 65-PICT0030
66-PICT0031 67-PICT0032 68-PICT0033 69-PICT0034 70-PICT0035
71-PICT0037 72-DP-PB230007 73-PICT0039 74-DP-PB230008 75-PICT0041
76-PICT0042 77-PICT0043 78-PICT0046 79-PICT0048 80-PICT0049
81-PICT0050 82-PICT0053 83-PICT0055 84-PICT0056 85-PICT0057
86-PICT0058 87-PH-PB230072 88-PICT0059 89-DP-PB230009 90-DP-PB230012

All images ©2003 CSCC/David Pearson/Peter and Hilary Lawrence