CSCC Reports 2003: Tryweryn Tour, 7 September 2003

A small, select group of paddlers - a number of others being occupied with a conflicting social event. David P, Mark, Carole, Richard and Paul all came along, and we certainly set some Club records! Saturday morning - Paul turned up at 08:30, and we were on the water at 10.15, finishing a first run (from the campsite to Bala), and with the boats loaded back on the car ,by 12 noon! And plenty of time for lunch at the Tryweryn centre café, followed by a full second run, from the chipper to Bala. Sunday morning - we (Paul, Richard and David P) were on the water even earlier, at the chipper by 09:40! Carole and David P then took the Canadian down from the campsite to Bala (with surprisingly, just one out-of-boat experience) - and we made it to Bala by about 1pm. Age, stiffness and bruises (I speak for myself at least) meant that the early start could mean an early finish, and we all left Bala by about 3pm. With a small group, unfortunately picture-taking opportunities don't so readily arise. These pictures were however taken at Bala Mill at lunchtime on Sunday.

P9070004 P9070005 P9070006 P9070009 P9070011
P9070015 P9070018 P9070019 P9070020 P9070021

All images ©2003 CSCC/David Pearson