CSCC Reports 2006: Tryweryn 29-30 July 2006

Six of us tackled the Tryweryn on the last weekend of July. Old timers David Mannering, Jim Shannon, David ‘Turtle’ Pite, Peter and Hilary Lawrence were joined by newbee Shane for a weekend of white water in warm conditions. A trip down the lower section on Saturday morning acted as a warm up for some and an intro to whitewater for Shane. We were beginning to get worried that Shane was too good and not swimming however eventually the river got the better of him and three swims were clocked before Bala Mill. A paddle was mislaid but eventually turned up on the second dash down the lower section later that day. A slalom was in progress above the chipper which resulted in a fairly quiet river elsewhere. Pete had his first swim on the top section resulting in another lost paddle and a few bruises.

Sunday morning was unusually wet and whilst Hilary and Jim started on the top section Dave M decided he was too tired and headed home. Was it that second run on the lower section that Hilary had opted out of that exhausted the guys? Luckily no more equipment was lost on the Sunday and Turtle was beginning to look more like his old self playing on waves and having a clean run on Bala Mill. Shane was not put off by any of his swims and he seemed to be enjoying every minute of the trip.

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All images ©2006 CSCC. Pictures by Peter and Hilary.