CSCC Reports 2004: River Thames 5 December 2004

Chris, Richard, Carole, Mark, Alex, Luis, Beth, Dan H and Alistair took advantage of a lunchtime low tide for a trip down the river from Vauxhall Bridge to Wapping and the Prospect of Whitby, for lunch - where they were joined by Malcolm and Marcia, and David P.

(Pictures now updated - thanks to Alex and Luis!)

01-P1010001 02-P1010002 03-P1010003 04-P1010004
05-P1010006 06-P1010007 07-P1010008 08-P1010011
09-P1010014 10-P1010015 11-P1010016 12-P1010018
13-P1010024 14-P1010026 15-P1010031 16-P1010033
17-041205-PICT1422 18-041205-PICT1423 19-041205-PICT1424 20-041205-PICT1425
21-041205-PICT1426 22-041205-PICT1427 23-041205-PICT1428 24-P1010038
25-P1010039 26-P1010044 27-P1010045 28-P1010047

All images ©2004 CSCC/David Pearson/Alex Skinner, Luis Trevino