CSCC Reports 2006: Thames: Flat water at Shepperton/Chertsey - 14 Oct 06

In the event Dan Jones, Chris, Beth and Frank went on this gentle potter around Shepperton. We started by going East along Desborough cut as far as Walton Bridge where we turned round and returned along the winding natural river channel to the North of Desborough Island. Lunched in the Old Crown in Weybridge which is accessible from the old course of the Wey. After lunch we explored the old course of the Wey as far as we could and then went up to look at the second weir at Shepperton which appeared to be undergoing major reconstruction. And then we went home.

We used the carpark at the SW corner of Desborough Island this time but for future reference Frank pointed out better get-ins at Elmbridge Canoe Club (Walton Lane) and at Walton Bridge (carpark, toilets, hotdog stand).

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SheppertonOct2006033 SheppertonOct2006035 SheppertonOct2006038a SheppertonOct2006039

All images ©2006 CSCC. Pictures courtesy of Chris.