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February 17, 2019, 12:28:11 PM
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CSCC Reports 2003: Thames (Greenwich to Barnes), 11 October 2003

David P, Peter and Hilary, Beth, and Richard, paddled from Greenwich (starting by the Trafalgar pub, in Park Row) up to the CSSC Sports Ground at Chiswick, hoping to ride the incoming spring tide all the way... (in the event, the tide turned at Hammersmith so the last mile was a bit of a slog!). Our lunch stop, at Battersea, unfortunately coincided with an eddy full of rubbish! Fortunately, all of our old boats - Europas, Dancers etc - proved watertight. It was a glorious early autumn day, as the pictures show, with several of us were happlily paddling in T-shirts etc!

01-PH-PA110001 02-DP-PA110003 03-PH-PA110004 04-PH-PA110007
05-DP-PA110007 06-PH-PA110009 07-PH-PA110010 08-DP-PA110010
09-DP-PA110012 10-DP-PA110013 11-DP-PA110017 12-PH-PA110014
13-DP-PA110020 14-DP-PA110022 15-DP-PA110025 16-DP-PA110027
17-DP-PA110030 18-PH-PA110020 19-DP-PA110033 20-PH-PA110022
22-PH-PA110021 23-PH-PA110026 25-PH-PA110028 26-DP-PA110037

All images ©2003 CSCC/David Pearson/Peter and Hilary Lawrence

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