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CSCC Reports 2006: Thames 20 May 2006

The Thames Source to Sea programme kicked off on 20 May 2006 with a 10 mile paddle from Cricklade to St John's lock, Lechlade. Nobody brough a camera on this trip but I assure you that Chris, Dan Jones, Hils, Peter, Beth and Russell (at least) did this trip. Apologies to anyone who I may have left out, it was a long time ago and all my records were lost in a hard disk crash. I remember that it was a very pleasant paddle and worth doing again. [PS - Hilary says "Additional paddlers on the Cricklade to Lechlade trip were Dave M and his son in law (Tom), Julian, Bridget, Jenny and Frank who got attacked by a swan."]

The next stage, St John's lock to to Wolvercote, took place several months later over the weekend 19-20 August 2006. Chris, Dan Jones, Hils and Pete, Richard and Kirsten Jackson took part on Day 1 which ended at Newbridge. Chris and Dan J camped overnight at Newbridge Farm while the others decided to call it a day! Dan Halpern joined Chris and Dan the following morning to finish off the trip.

We got out upstream of the Trout Inn and Godstow Bridge on river left at some boat moorings and had to do a long portage round some allotments to get to the Trout Inn car park. Being in sea kayaks didn't help! We couldn't get out at the Trout Inn car park because of fencing and undergrowth even though it is virtually adjacent to the river. We also found the Trout Inn car park locked when we arrived in the morning so I would recommend using the public car park at Lower Wolvercote Grid Ref. SP487094.

A better way to end the trip would be to pass under Godstow Bridge and then on to Godstow Lock. After passing Godstow lock double back up the weir stream bearing right to find a beach getout on your right (i.e river left). Climb the bank and you will be in the car park.

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All images ©2006 CSCC. Pictures by Peter and Hilary.

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