CSCC Reports 2004: River Stort, 27 June 2004

Chris, Joanna, Martin, Julia, Diane, David Pite, Dan Jones, and Dan Halpern went on the Stort trip from Bishops Stortford to Burnt Mill Lock on 27 June 2004. A late start on the water, eight miles distance with very little current to assist, and a nine lock portages made it a long, and for some, a rather tiring day but enjoyable nevertheless. The day started out very fine although but there was a heavy shower at around five o'clock when we still had a good way to go. Soon after we set out we passed Bishops Stortford Canoe Club who were very friendly and invited us to a forthcoming race. At one point we were aggressively threatened by a pair of breeding swans and there were one or two swims associated with getting in after the lock portages. Martin's most conspicuous good deed for the day was to remove weed fouling a barge's propellor. He got ever more imaginative with his seal lauches culminating in a sideways upsidedown version followed by a hand roll.

Notes for future reference: Get-in is from Sainsbury's car park in Bishops Stortford. Toilets nearby. Car park is free on Sunday (but max. 4 hours Pay and Display on other days). Get out is at the Moorhen, Burntmill Lock, Harlow Town. Big modern pub with huge car park. The full 8 miles of this trip, with the lock portages, is a bit too much for beginners, but fine for anyone with a reasonably efficient forward stroke and the ability to get in and out from moderately high banks.

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