CSCC Reports 2004: Peterborough (Orton Mere) Slalom, 24-25 July 2004

It's summer, there's no water in the white-water rivers (except the Tryweryn), what's left for a dedicated bunch of CSCC paddlers? The answer is slalom, so a group went along to Orton Mere in Peterborough for a beginners' Division 4 and Division 3 2-day event.

We had a lot of people new to slalom along - Chris, Beth and Diane. They managed to stay afloat (mostly) on a challenging course. They all won prizes when Fi "strongly encouraged" us all to enter the team event: Beth and Diane with Bridge were the 1st-placed ladies' team; Chris proved that with an adroit roll a capsize needn't prevent you winning the 3rd-placed men's team prize.

And a dinner at which the Sicilian serving the food repeatedly told us our food consisted of hacked-up body parts didn't put us off for the second day. Bridge narrowly avoided being promoted for coming first in Div 4, with Beth second. Colin the Camel came 3rd in the men's Div 3, Mark was best placed "veteran". Julia was handing out prizes after a day fixing *ahem* calculating people's scores in Control. And Fi tried her hand at slalom with only half a paddle, coming second in Div 4 C1. Diane was clearly robbed as there was no prize for "most enthusiastic spectator".

Special thanks go to Fi for helping the new people through the gates, to the wave on the weir for making gate 9 so much fun, and to the Mannerings for turning up and bolstering the cheering towards the end of the first day as we were getting tired.

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All images ©2004 CSCC/Chris Stephens/Beth Greenaway