CSCC Reports 2006: Mystery Trip 21-22 October 2006

The second annual Fi's magical whitewater mystery tour took place over the weekend of 21/22nd October 2006. Again the trip was not graced by Fi herself instead it was Martin, Pete and Hils who headed to the far North and the mysterious river TT. They were joined by Jim Shannon at the river and made it on the water before midday!

Saturday's paddle was on a river Martin had never paddled before and covered a section of Grade 3 and 4 rapids, a little more water would have improved the trip and saved a considerable amount of plastic. The scenery was beautiful, wherever it was. Passers by were delighted at seeing a camel attempting a waterfall. No one swam but Hils had to roll twice and there were refusals from everyone but Jim. In true heroic style Jim tackled a rather technical rapid and bashed his elbow. This resulted in him resting the next day.

That evening saw a trip to a pub where Martin delighted in trying the beers Black Sheep and Deuchars.

Sunday saw the remaining three heading further down river so completing a source to sea trip. There were many play waves and at low tide a particularly nasty stopper caught Pete unawares and a swim resulted. Hils had to roll again while Martin made it look easy, thanks to being forced to take a better line by Hils's upturned boat in front of him, later getting his boat vertical on another stopper.

Before heading back to London the group all took an oath of secrecy never to reveal the true location of the epic adventure.

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All images ©2006 CSCC. Pictures by Peter/Hilary.