CSCC Reports 2005: Jersey 24-28 June 2005

The Jersey trip was a resounding success thanks to Beth's superb organisation and Jersey Canoe Club's outstanding hospitality. They could not have given us a more friendly welcome, putting their fleet of sea kayaks at our disposal, laying on a barbecue, carting boats around the island for us and looking after us on the water over four days.  A proper trip report with maps will follow, but in the meantime our picture gallery is below, and you can also see some pictures of the group at

24-10-42-CS-025 24-10-52-CS-028 24-10-52-CS-029 24-11-23-CS-035
24-12-26-CS-038 24-12-56-CS-043 24-13-08-CS-045 24-13-09-CS-047
24-15-25-CS-048 24-15-26-CS-049 25-10-39-CS-052 25-16-02-CS-062
25-16-06-CS-069 25-16-09-CS-073 25-16-11-CS-075 25-20-36-PHL-586
26-10-35-PHL-599 26-10-36-PHL-600 26-10-52-PHL-601 26-10-55-PHL-603
26-10-57-PHL-606 26-10-59-PHL-607 26-11-05-PHL-608 26-11-05-PHL-609
26-11-12-PHL-610 26-11-12-PHL-611 26-11-30-PHL-614 26-11-52-PHL-617
26-12-12-PHL-619 26-12-14-PHL-622 26-18-45-PHL-625 26-18-47-PHL-626
27-10-10-PHL-629 27-10-40-PHL-630 27-11-08-CS-094 27-11-08-PHL-633
27-11-08-PHL-634 27-11-09-PHL-635 27-11-36-PHL-637 27-11-44-PHL-638
27-11-57-PHL-641 27-11-57-PHL-643 27-12-00-CS-097 27-12-02-CS-104
27-12-49-CS-107 27-12-49-PHL-648 27-12-53-CS-112 27-12-54-CS-115

All images ©2004 CSCC/Chris Stephens/Peter and Hilary Lawrence