CSCC Reports 2004: Ironbridge slalom, 3-4 July 2004

Duncan says ... this was a very good event, lots of water and a well set out and challenging course. Good results all round Lynn and Martin (and Colin) both getting 2nd places on Saturday, and a new club best (i.e. my best) in Div 2 mens on Sunday - actually finished in top half. Last pic is great - so thanks to the photographer (Lynn).

Rumour has it some results from a professional photographer at the event, will soon be on: - the current pages there look very promising!

P7030187 P7030189 P7030191
P7030192 P7030193 P7030195
P7030196 P7030197 P7040201
P7040202 P7040204 P7040206
P7040208 P7040209 P7040210

All images ©2004 CSCC/Duncan & Lynn Millard