CSCC Reports 2004: Easter 2004 (S of France)

When you think of Easter in the south of France, you think of sunshine, warm weather, etc. Not a bit of it! We had snow (lots of it), rain (plenty of it), and yes, some sunshine! Many thanks to Carole and Richard for putting us up, in a small village just north of Nice.

The area has plenty of paddling potential - we've inspected most of the rivers by now! - but water levels at Easter were unseasonably low (they have been known to be a lot higher at this time of year) so rather than planning on any paddling, we resorted to walking (and some odd bits of housework...) and sightseeing instead.

Given that we had a sort of photofest - I've received some 830 images so far! - I've tried to boil these down to a small batch that give an impression of what we've been getting up to. (I've a feeling a few people have been experimenting!]) The full set will be available shortly to participants, on a "double disc" CD-DVD set! [Digital cameras do have their disadvantages... my hard disc is looking a little small!]

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Easter04-26 Easter04-27 Easter04-28 Easter04-29 Easter04-30
Easter04-31 Easter04-32 Easter04-33 Easter04-34 Easter04-35
Easter04-36 Easter04-37 Easter04-38 Easter04-39 Easter04-40
Easter04-41 Easter04-42 Easter04-43 Easter04-44 Easter04-45
Easter04-46 Easter04-47 Easter04-48 Easter04-49 Easter04-50
Easter04-51 Easter04-52 Easter04-53 Easter04-54 Easter04-55
Easter04-56 Easter04-57 Easter04-58

All images ©2004 CSCC/Peter and Hilary Lawrence, Carole Moss, David Pearson, Fiona Reid, Malcolm Sorrell