CSCC Reports 2006: Dorset 26-27 August 2006

With customary dodgy forecasts, this trip had looked typically marginal as usual! As I had commitments in London on the Monday, we'd also decided to keep it to a two-day trip. Arriving early evening Friday as the advance guard, I was "delighted" to find that all the usual candidate campsites were seriously full ... I finally managed to squeeze into one ("Acton Field", just west of Langton Matravers) that was already pretty packed but where they hadn't already put up the "Full signs". Promisingly it was chilly and raining!

Richard, Dan J and Bridget arrived early Saturday morning, having got through the M3 and A30 bottlenecks well before the Bank Holiday crowds. After getting all the tents up (they managed to squeeze in, too), then given a stiff south-westerly wind forecast, we decided to play safe and head for Studland Bay and the route round to Swanage. No dramas, just a pleasant paddle round past Old Harry to sit on the beach and have lunch - whilst we watched Dan (clearly in serious training) paddle on across the bay to Swanage itself. Then back to a cream tea in the National Trust café at Studland, back to the campsite and a stroll down to the pub in Langton Matravers.

We were packed and out early Sunday morning, and met Hilary and Peter in Poole for a trip to Brownsea Island. Would we find any red squirrels? We headed off on a scenic tour along the south side of Poole Harbour, finally landing on Brownsea Island, locking the boats up and making ourselves slightly more decent. A pleasant stroll across the island, a wander round the visitor centre, and we had a nice lunch at the - guess what - National Trust teashop. No sign of squirrels unfortunately - Hilary had to content herself with buying one! - even though we tried to be as quiet as possible on our walk back through the woods.

The return trip to Poole turned out to be pretty tough, the wind having got up to a good Force 5-6 - so we had to tack a bit to take advantage of whatever shelter we could find. Oh - and Hilary managed to sell her boat before we left (a pre-arranged appointment with someone who'd seen her advert) so she and Peter returned home a little lighter!

Distances paddled etc:

  • Saturday - 6.30 nm (out and back: 2.15hrs, avge 1.5 knots, max 5.5; 1.24hrs, avge 2.16 knots, max 5.6)
  • Sunday - 8.64 nm (out and back: 1.29hrs, avge 2.8 knots, max 6.2; 1.38 hrs, avge 2.71 knots, max 4.7)

MapAerial photo

Map 2
Aerial photo 2

060826-1159-RS-IMGP2665 060826-1229-RS-IMGP2669 060826-1230-DanJ-CNV00018 060826-1231-DanJ-CNV00019
060826-1236-RS-IMGP2674 060826-1237-RS-IMGP2675 060826-1237-RS-IMGP2678 060826-1238-DanJ-CNV00023
060826-1239-DanJ-CNV00025 060826-1240-DP1-IMGP0064 060826-1247-DP1-IMGP0068 060826-1259-DP1-IMGP0072
060826-1306-RS-IMGP2691 060826-1306-RS-IMGP2692 060826-1356-DP1-IMGP0080 060826-1534-RS-IMGP2717
060826-1546-RS-IMGP2723 060826-1905-DP1-IMGP0085 060827-1044-DP1-IMGP0087 060827-1118-DP1-IMGP0090
060827-1120-DP1-IMGP0093 060827-1122-DP1-IMGP0095 060827-1126-PeteHils-IMGP1730 060827-1128-PeteHils-IMGP1732
060827-1130-DP1-IMGP0104 060827-1140-RS-IMGP2738 060827-1154-DP1-IMGP0108 060827-1154-RS-IMGP2742
060827-1205-RS-IMGP2743 060827-1205-RS-IMGP2744 060827-1224-RS-IMGP2747 060827-1227-DP1-IMGP0111
060827-1228-DP1-IMGP0114 060827-1239-DP1-IMGP0115 060827-1242-DP1-IMGP0116 060827-1300-DP2-PICT2915
060827-1327-DP2-PICT2932 060827-1327-DP2-PICT2933 060827-1339-DP2-PICT2942 060827-1345-DP2-PICT2947
060827-1346-DP2-PICT2953 060827-1347-PeteHils-IMGP1737 060827-1359-RS-IMGP2752 060827-1404-DP2-PICT2961
060827-1424-RS-IMGP2755 060827-1434-RS-IMGP2757 060827-1440-DP1-IMGP0121 060827-1506-RS-IMGP2762

All images ©2006 CSCC. Pictures by Dan J, David P, Peter and Hilary.