CSCC Reports: Dorset coast 27-29 August 2005

A fine bank holiday weekend with glorious weather, flat seas and good company - what more can you want! David P, Chris, Dan A, Dan J, Dave W, Alex, Luis, Peter and Hilary, and Dan H and Caroline, made the trek to Dorset after a week of strong winds and mixed forecasts. As before, we stayed at the Woodyhyde Farm camp site, just east of Corfe Castle.

Saturday 27th

Joined by Chris, Peter and Hilary for the day (Dan H not having arrived yet) 9 of us set off eastwards from Lulworth cove. The remaining swell made the first mile a little bouncy as usual - the vertical cliffs exaggerating the waves - until we got to Mupe rocks. The obligatory rock-hopping and cave-exploring along the bay brought us to Worbarrow Tout and a lunch stop at the little Pondfield beach. The weather was turning ever sunnier and we pressed on to Kimmeridge, buzzed by a little police helicopter as we arrived. After an uneventful return trip we indulged in a little rolling and rescue practice in Lulworth Cove to amuse the tourists... For dinner we drove round to the excellent New Inn in the nearby village of Church Knowle, a misnomer as it's many hundreds of years old.

[Thanks to Chris for the GPS track; in general, we went round the edges on the way there, and cut the corners on the way back!]

08-27-11-21-DP-IMGP0039 08-27-11-22-CS-IMGP0598 08-27-11-22-CS-IMGP0600 08-27-11-22-DP-IMGP0035
08-27-11-22-DP-IMGP0036 08-27-11-25-CS-IMGP0605 08-27-11-26-CS-IMGP0608 08-27-11-46-CS-IMGP0610
08-27-11-46-CS-IMGP0611 08-27-11-47-CS-IMGP0612 08-27-11-47-DP-IMGP0043 08-27-11-48-CS-IMGP0616
08-27-11-48-PHL-IMGP0716 08-27-11-48-PHL-IMGP0717 08-27-11-51-PHL-IMGP0718 08-27-12-15-DP-IMGP0044
08-27-12-16-CS-IMGP0619 08-27-12-16-PHL-IMGP0719 08-27-12-16-PHL-IMGP0720 08-27-12-17-DP-IMGP0045
08-27-12-18-CS-IMGP0621 08-27-12-18-DP-IMGP0047 08-27-12-18-PHL-IMGP0722 08-27-12-21-CS-IMGP0624
08-27-12-26-CS-IMGP0626 08-27-13-12-DP-IMGP0050 08-27-13-31-DP-IMGP0053 08-27-13-32-CS-IMGP0631
08-27-13-43-CS-IMGP0632 08-27-13-53-DP-IMGP0054 08-27-14-13-DP-IMGP0057 08-27-14-13-PHL-IMGP0726
08-27-14-16-DP-IMGP0062 08-27-14-17-DP-IMGP0064 08-27-14-17-DP-IMGP0065 08-27-14-17-DP-IMGP0066
08-27-14-18-DP-IMGP0068 08-27-14-23-DP-IMGP0072 08-27-14-25-DP-IMGP0076 08-27-14-26-CS-IMGP0634
08-27-14-26-CS-IMGP0635 08-27-14-26-DP-IMGP0079 08-27-14-27-PHL-IMGP0734 08-27-14-33-DP-IMGP0081
08-27-14-34-CS-IMGP0636 08-27-14-34-DP-IMGP0083 08-27-14-36-CS-IMGP0639 08-27-14-39-DP-IMGP0087
08-27-14-44-CS-IMGP0647 08-27-15-09-CS-IMGP0651 08-27-15-42-CS-IMGP0652 08-27-15-42-CS-IMGP0653
08-27-15-55-CS-IMGP0654 08-27-16-44-PHL-IMGP0736 08-27-16-48-PHL-IMGP0737 08-27-16-49-PHL-IMGP0738

Sunday 28th

After a chilly and misty start to the day, the sun got going with a vengeance. Dan H having joined us, but minus Chris, Peter and Hilary, we set off westwards from Lulworth Cove, through the geological masterpiece of Stair Hole, and on past Durdle Door, Bat Head and nearly to Ringstead Bay before adjourning to the beach for a long lunch. Fortunately text messaging enabled us to keep in touch with the exciting cricket scores - and we got back to the campsite just in time for an exciting finish to the Test Match. [Minor problems with the camera in the sunshine - we couldn't see that the memory card was full! - explains the paucity of pictures...]

08-28-07-18-DP-IMGP0090 08-28-08-57-DP-IMGP0092 08-28-08-57-DP-IMGP0093 08-28-11-04-DP-IMGP0095
08-28-11-10-DP-IMGP0096 08-28-11-12-DP-IMGP0098 08-28-11-12-DP-IMGP0101 08-28-11-14-DP-IMGP0103
08-28-11-17-DP-IMGP0105 08-28-11-43-DP-IMGP0107 08-28-11-45-DP-IMGP0112 08-28-12-01-DP-IMGP0114

Monday 29th

Oh, what to do? Another day of sunshine forecast! Rather than indulge in the Kimmeridge to Swanage run (and the "car shuttle from hell") we started from Studland beach and pottered round Old Harry Rocks to Ballard Point. We were driven off our lunchtime beach by (a) the blazing heat reflecting back of everything, (b) the wake of a cross-channel ferry which threatened to wash everything away, and finally (c) all the insect life that crawled out of the seaweed on the beach after the ferry had passed. Studland Bay was amazing - seemingly every boat from the marinas in Poole Harbour had come out and parked up en masse!

Anyway, a lovely weekend - and just the slog back into London remained.

08-29-10-22-DP-IMGP0123 08-29-10-54-DP-IMGP0127 08-29-10-54-DP-IMGP0128 08-29-10-56-DP-IMGP0129
08-29-10-59-DP-IMGP0131 08-29-11-01-DP-IMGP0134 08-29-11-01-DP-IMGP0136 08-29-11-02-DP-IMGP0137
08-29-11-02-DP-IMGP0138 08-29-11-03-DP-IMGP0139 08-29-11-04-DP-IMGP0140 08-29-11-04-DP-IMGP0141
08-29-11-14-DP-IMGP0148 08-29-11-26-DP-IMGP0149 08-29-11-34-DP-IMGP0157 08-29-11-39-DP-IMGP0159
08-29-11-55-DP-IMGP0160 08-29-12-03-DP-IMGP0163 08-29-12-21-DP-IMGP0168 08-29-12-23-DP-IMGP0169
08-29-12-48-DP-IMGP0170 08-29-12-49-DP-IMGP0171 08-29-13-06-DP-IMGP0175 08-29-13-10-DP-IMGP0178

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All images © CSCC / Chris Stephens, Luis Trevino, Peter & Hilary Lawrence, David Pearson