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February 17, 2019, 11:42:22 AM
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CSCC Reports 2003: Alpes (Briançon), July 2003

P7050009 P7050010 P7050012 P7050015
P7050017 P7050019 P7050020 P7050021
P7050022 P7050024 P7050025 P7050026
P7050028 P7060032 P7060036 P7060039
P7060042 P7060051 P7060053 P7070065
P7070066 P7070067 P7070068 P7070069
P7070070 P7070075 P7070076 P7070077
P7070081 P7070086 P7070097 P7080105
P7080127 P7080131 P7090151 P7090152

All images ©2003 CSCC/Malcolm Sorrell

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