CSCC Reports 2008: Wandle Trip (New Years Day) - January 2008

By the shores of SavaCenta
SavaCenta in Colliers Wood
By the Abbey Mills Craft centre
There embarked upon the water
Julian, Alex, Chris and Bridget
Forced a path through piles of rubbish
Paddled bravely under branches
Shot the Wandle's mighty rapids
Braved the weirs and low pipe crossings
Fearless in the pitch black tunnel
Canoed to the Wandle's ending
For some well deserved refreshment.

O canoe club you have tamed me
Said the mighty River Wandle
I offer you this broken kayak
Of all my copious detritus
By far most useful to canoeists
In homage to your paddling prowess
A little fibreglass would fix it.
But the boat was very manky
And the damage quite severe
So in the shallows there we left it
North of Trewint island there.