CSCC Reports 2008: Wales (Banwy) - March 2008

Thanks to Dan for organising an excellent trip, and commiserations for not being able to make it himself!

On both days we paddled the Banwy from Llanfair to Meifod. Water levels were higher than last year, making for a pleasant paddle. No swims or even rolls to report, except for Chris offering throwline practice during Saturday's lunch stop. Clearly his drysuit is effective. On the second day things were more familiar, which meant the group tried for more of the break-outs and small surf waves, which was good.

B&B at Tynllwyn farm was good as last year, with an enormous evening meal. And for the second year in a row Diane provided exceedingly good cake. Unfortunately she also provided a telly for watching England vs Scotland, but at least Fiona was happy.


Photos can be found at... March 2008/