CSCC Reports 2007: Tryweryn Trip - 27/20th July 2007

We [Gordon and Julie] arrived Friday at Tyn Cornel campsite at 8pm and set about sorting out the caravan, we were warmly welcomed by about 6 million midges of various sizes all with large gnashers. The rain and the others arrived shortly after. They either caught up on sleep (Fi, Mark, Richard) or (Martin & Bridget), joined Julie and I for a theological debate, weak shandy, and crisps.

After heavy overnight rain it was fine and sunny. The shuttle was soon sorted and the group accessed the river at the campsite, just before noon. Richard demonstrated his rolling ability (3rd time) whilst others warmed up in the play wave. Warm up over, we set off downstream, the level was up, an excellent paddle, plenty of white frothy stuff and bouncy waves. Bridget stopped to hug a large boulder, and was chivalrously tugged from behind by Mark (I’m sure that’s illegal). Further downstream a club playwave was spotted, despite Martin’s best encouragements only 3 paddlers stayed on at any one time. We got out to inspect Bala Mill Falls, Gordon and Bridget reluctantly volunteered to provide safety cover for Fi, Mark, Richard and Martin. The fall was shot without further incident, although Mark obviously overheated, decided to swim whilst attempting a pop out in the next rapid, swiftly rescued by Martin.
Fortified by steak pies from the tiny shop at Fron Goch Martin, Fi and Richard then went for the upper. Apart from a few rafts and two lonely palyboaters we had the river to ourselves. Most of us made most of the breakouts and we had an exhilarating and enjoyable time in the afternoon sunshine.
It was Gordon’s and Julie’s wedding anniversary so Gordon arranged a special treat. That evening we all went down to Bala for a pizza and then adjourned to the caravan awning for weak tea and biscuits.

Another night of rain but Sunday dawned bright and sunny again. Most tents were speedily packed and Gordon’s awning taken down. The shuttle was finished and everyone on the river by 11 am, is this an indication for future trips? The river had dropped slightly from Saturdays’ excellent level but provided a different challenge, as the rocks covered previously, now had to be avoided. Early on Fi suggested a game of follow my changing leader, Martin rose to the challenge, although he had a habit of parking himself behind a rock halfway down, to see how the group performed leaderless. Mark also took a stint at the front, while Gordon and Bridget honed their moving water skills. On arrival at Mill falls the safety team took up position just in time for Mark and Fi to finesse the drop. Richard got flipped at the bottom and had to roll whilst Martin applied an alternative approach, parking himself firmly fixed halfway down and awaiting rescue. He eventually released himself, only to roll later on in the same spot that did for Mark the previous day. A short paddle to the car park ended the days sport.

In conclusion, an excellent paddle, weather, and company thanks to all for a great weekend, and special thanks to Richard for organising the event.

I have suggested to Julie we repeat this next anniversary. Although she does not appear enthusiastic I’m sure she’ll come round. Any spelling or grammatical errors are caused by English being my second language as Pidgin Jock is my native tongue.


These people are wilfully contravening one of the many notices we found enhancing the atmosphere at the campsite.


[Many thanks to Gordon and Julie for sharing their caravan awning and anniversary with us! With all this climate change going on maybe the club should invest in a caravan for those difficult camping weekends…]

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