CSCC Reports 2009: Tryweryn - July 2009

The annual club pilgrimage to the River Tryweryn took place over the weekend of the 4/5th July 2009. Turn out was good with Gordon, Nigel (friend of Gordons), Martin, Turtle, Richard, Paul H, Hilary, Peter and Amelia all attending. Sarah and Chris (non-paddling friends of Hilary's) also came along for the weekend. On Saturday morning the paddlers (minus Hilary who went for a coffee with Amelia, Sarah & Chris) set off from the campsite for a warm-up run down to Bala. There were reports of one swim but everyone managed Bala Mill falls without incident. After returning to the campsite a late lunch was taken sheltering in Gordons awning while there was a heavy shower. A run down the top section followed for Gordon, Nigel, Martin, Richard, Hilary and Peter. Turtle and Paul helped out with the baby sitting duties – thanks guys! Gordon and Nigel obliged with a swim each - nothing too momentous and Martin was pretty quick with the rescues.

Sunday morning saw a couple of runs down the top section. Sarah and Chris walked the section with Amelia so Hilary and Peter could both paddle. Turtle had an early swim but his self rescue skills are as good as ever. The second run was taken without Peter or Turtle and Hilary had to roll on the Graveyard section only coming up on the second attempt (bit rusty!). We were away by 1pm – perhaps a record? A great weekend catching up with friends and paddling white water in the warmth. Thanks again to all for helping with baby sitting duties.

Hils and Peter's photos
Martin's photos