CSCC Reports 2008: Thames Source to Sea - Windsor to Laleham II - July 2008

The re-run of the Windsor to Laleham leg of the Thames Source to Sea programme yesterday proved very enjoyable.  The views of Windsor Castle were great and Staines also looked nice from the river.  It was one of the warmest days of the year (about 30 degree C) with lots of sunshine.  I even rolled a couple of times to cool down.

We got in by the Leisure centre in Windsor.  The cark park charges there are now exorbitantly high (a tenner for a full day), but it does offer easy access to the river.

The trip length was about 11 miles.  There was a conveniently located pub about half way into the trip where we stopped to get cool drinks to go with our picnics.  It was easy to land there, but there was a lot of traffic belting along the adjoining road, so it wasn't terribly tranquil.

We managed to avoid a portage at most of the locks by sneaking in with the motor boats, although one of the lock keepers seemed gleefully determined to make us go right at the back of the largest lock (where we would have ended up being choked by diesel fumes).

The get out was on Ferry Lane in Laleham just down-stream of the rowing club (they were having a regatta which looked great fun) and the camp site.  The public car park there was much cheaper, but very busy.

Julian, Russ, Stephen, John and I paddled.   

I tested out the club's new wooden touring paddle.  It is surprisingly light given its size.  Give it a try.



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