CSCC Reports 2008: River Wye - July 2008

Ten of us went paddling on the River Wye in Canadian canoes on 5th and 6th July.  Details of the trip were are follows.

Stayed at a small campsite on Friday night - on the road between Hay-on-Wye and Clyro.  Beautiful view of Hay, but limited shower and loo facilities.

Had dinner at the Baskerville Arms, Clyro - good beer and great chips!

Got on the river at Hay-on-Wye on a little road by a vets a few hundred yards from the Co-op. 

Day 1 was a long paddle (about 16 miles) which proved hard work because there were some exposed sections of river where we were buffeted by strong gusts of wind (it also rained heavily).  There were one or two areas on the river where we had to turn fairly sharply to avoid overhanging trees (the water level was higher than normal for the time of year).  Complete novices to canoeing might be at slight risk if they paddle this stretch of river when water levels are high.

Campsite on Saturday night - at Byecross (near Preston on Wye).  Again very pretty (an orchard) but even more limited shower and loo facilities.

Dinner at the pub in Preston on Wye - great food and loads of it (and pub therefore very busy)

Day 2 was a much shorter paddle (about 10 miles).  Monnington Falls was washed out and was not hazardous.

We got out at Hereford by the Rowing Club. 

Hire company used - Backwaters hire.  The boats were a bit worn on the bottom (mine was leaking very slightly), but we received some very practical advice from the company's representative who warned us about strong winds and in consequence plans for two members of the group to paddle solo were dropped.  The rep also helped with the shuttle at the end of the trip.

Pedals and paddles seemed to be the other main boat hirers on the river.

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