CSCC Reports 2008: River Cam - January 2008

Dan, Martin, Nick, Beth, Russ, Chris, Richard and Kirsten paddled on the River Cam on 12th January.  We were unable to get into the usual car park (because it hadn't been unlocked), and we instead had to sneak into the Red Lion's car park at Grantchester.  This meant that our trip was longer than planned. 

The flow on the usually canal-like Cam was easily perceptible after heavy rain during the week.  We whizzed down towards Cambridge in double quick time barely having to paddle (but having to avoid a few tree branches).  The river was fairly lively down-stream of the weir at the Mill.  Martin then acted as our tour guide as we made our way along the backs past the college buildings.  Cambridge looked lovely in the sunshine. 

At Jesus Lock we stopped briefly for a few snack bars before Martin (sensibly) suggested that it was time to turn round.  This is when things got interesting.  Chris had taken the Canadian out on his own and found making progress upstream nigh impossible.  Martin towed him for a while, but when we made it to Cambridge Canoe Club there was a lengthy discussion with the friendly locals about what to do.  I opted to jump in with Chris and we towed my empty kayak behind us.  I found that paddling a Canadian upstream is hard work even with two men paddling and I was pretty tired when we made it back to Grantchester. 

There is very little traffic on the Cam at this time of year.  There were only a couple of punts out and the rowers keep down-stream of Jesus lock.

Richard and Kirsten were delayed travelling up from London and so had to make do with a much shorter paddle on their own in their inflatable, but they managed to meet up with the rest of us in the Red Lion just before we set off back to London.

Martins -
Russ and Beth - Cam jan 08/