CSCC Reports 2010: River Cam - 11th April 2010

Richard, Carole, Hils, Pete, Amelia and I paddled on the River Cam in Cambridge on Sunday 11 April.  The Cambridge colleges looked fantastic in the early summer sunshine and there was a lively atmosphere with quite a few other canoeists as well as foreign tourists in punts.  I attempted to punt with the club's new canoe pole - it's extremely difficult to keep your balance while punting a canadian.  I felt more secure using the pole as a giant kayak paddle!  In the afternoon we paddled upstream beyond Grantchester as far as the weir - this stretch of the river has a wilder feel and you lose the punts and the people strolling out from the city.

We parked in the free (but busy) car park at Lammas land which has easy access to the river.  After our paddle we had dinner in one of the many pubs in Grantchester. 

Hils and Peter's photos..