CSCC Reports 2008: Jersey Sea Kayaking Symposium - May 2008

Beth, Russ, Chris, Stephen and I attended the 2008 Jersey sea kayaking symposium (Joanna also travelled to Jersey, but didn't paddle).  We had a great time in spite of intermittent heavy rain. 

Kevin Mansell and his friends from the Jersey Canoe Club again did a brilliant job in organising the event.  We did slightly different things during the week, but highlights for me included-

- the trip to the Ecrehous, where we were caught in a thunderstorm and Beth and I and others were forced to seek refuge in a house being rented by a Jersey couple for several hours (Chris is made of sterner stuff and managed to remain outside, braving the elements)
- a rare opportunity to paddle past the Corbiere light-house into St Ouen's bay in benign conditions
- tackling some big waves on a headland near Plemont bay
- the kayak handling skills session;
- the CSCC trip along the north coast from Greve de Lecq to Bouley Bay and back
- my inuit paddle workshop with Duncan Winning OBE
- chatting to other paddlers from all over Europe

We also attended the posh dinner in St Helier and the two BBQ's.

Taking the boats over on the ferry/sea cat proved straightforward.  We stayed at the Beauvelande campsite which is excellent (great facilities, helpful staff and pleasant atmosphere).   

Photos can be found at..