CSCC Reports 2008: Thames : Barnes Bridge to Wapping and Back - June 2008

We would like to say thanks to Chris for organising,...........what was thought to be a marathon paddle turned out to be mildly easy thanks to the tides. 

Quite an adventure right thro the city ,an amazing way to see some of the cities best landmarks.

And to be photographed by so many people as we passed them by ....upright at that !!! as we made are way thro the swell and wake of many intimidating BIG Boats!!!

And finally the luxury of a roast dinner at the midpoint [the Prospect of Whitby - Ed] instead of sarnies was a pleasant inclusion..... not so was the indigestion that i suffered as the worry that my boat may head back before me as the tide rapidly rose and came close to cutting me off.

But hey  it was an awesome trip by my standards and would gladly do it again tommorrow.

Photos can be found at