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February 17, 2019, 11:20:09 AM
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CSCC Reports 2008: Barle - November 2008

A large group of us (Martin, Richard, Carole, Gordon Fi, Mark, Val, Jemma, Stuart with open canoe, Stephen, Chris S, Hilary, Pete & Amelia)descended on Tiverton on the Friday night (accommodation in Dulverton was all full because of a cycle race). Water levels were good and the group set off from Tarr Steps reaching Dulverton about 3pm. Stewart had a video camera in a watertight case mounted in his canoe - but we are still waiting to see the results. He ended up in the water at least once when he got tangled up with a tree in an eddy and later managed to throw away his paddle but Richard some how managed to pick it up. Martin kept everyone amused by wearing his beard while paddling. Pete got rather damp while exiting his boat at the get-out. Hilary & Amelia appreciated the shelter afforded by Gordons caravan. They were joined by Carole after she had finished the paddle for a cup of tea while others found shelter from the rain elsewhere. Dave M and Julia were also on the river with the other CSCC. On the Sunday the same stretch of river was paddled but with fewer paddlers this time as some opted for a walk instead. Levels were good and there were no swims that we can remember. A fun weekend with good company and good water levels.

Richard's photos ...
Hils and Pete's photos ... Nov 08/
Gordon's photos ...


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